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Amanda Dufner, previously Amanda Boyd, is from Millbrook, Alabama and is 28 years old. Amanda was a student at the University of Alabama when they first met in 2009. Jason and Amanda were introduced through mutual friends at Auburn. On May 5th, 2012, JasonĀ married Amanda Boyd.

In 2015, Jason Dufner and Amanda Dufner filed for divorce. Based on their divorce papers that were filed on 16th March, they suffered an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. After the divorce, Amanda Dufner instagram was deleted.

It has been rumored thatĀ Tiger and Amanda are dating and could be a reason for the Tiger and Lindsey Vonn separation. Further evidence of a relationship between Tiger and Amanda arose when Amanda purchased a home near Tiger’s complex in Jupiter, Florida. Based on the Palm County appraisal district, Amanda Dufner purchased a ~4,000 SF home in July 2015.

You can follow Amanda through her dog Louie @louiedufner

Amanda Dufner Photos

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